About Us

The Puppy Home is one of very few pet stores that actually cares 
about where their puppies come from and how the adult 
breeding dogs are living their lives. One of few that supports 
local animal rescue groups and helps rehome adult rescues. 
We only use small local breeders and absolutely refuse to 
support a puppy mill.

We love these puppies as if they were our own personal dogs, 
and it shows! All of our puppies are well taken care of. And 
remember, we are here to help for as long as you need it after 
you take your baby home. We offer affordable grooming and 
boarding services. We love watching our babies grow and 
caring for them through their entire life!

The Puppy home has been in business over 10 years.

We Make It Easy To Afford A New Puppy

We understand that in today’s cyber world the concern of fraud is very real. That’s why we’ve partnered with proven legitimate finance companies that are not fly by night operations. We’ve put the links of these companies below. Feel free to visit their website, call them, and speak with their customer service representatives to feel assured that your information is safe and secure and only used for the purpose of financing your puppy.

Due to the overwhelming amount of online fraud we do not suggest you use Money Gram or Western Union to purchase a puppy from potential scammers. Be a savvy consumer and trust Puppies Direct. Give us a call to apply over the phone and or help with any questions. We’re happy to hear from you.