Our Puppies

Our Puppy Guarantee

We offer a variety of guarantees for your new best friend.

When you buy a puppy from Fancy Puppy Store, our relationship does not end with the delivery of your healthy puppy.

While we do our absolute best to raise 100% healthy puppies the fact is that puppies are living creatures just like us and sometimes we can get ill. However, we take preventative measures to minimize common ailments in puppies. A puppy’s health depends on many factors such as diet, exercise, environment, genetics and many other factors, but if something goes wrong we guarantee to try to make it right.

We may never be able to guarantee that nothing will happen to a puppy but we will always continue to strive and guarantee that we are doing our best to get you the puppy of your dreams happy and healthy. Our puppies come from local, reputable shelters.

Our puppies’ health is checked by a licensed veterinarian, and all puppies have up to date vaccinations and proper deworming.

Additionally, we ask new puppy owners to take your new puppy to the vet within 3 days after receiving their puppy to ensure your puppy is healthy.

Benefits & Assistance

All puppies come with a 20 day viral guarantee. Additional options include: a two year genetic health guarantee with medical vet bills paid or a 12 Year Puppy Furever Guarantee Available. Look for these health options at checkout.

  • We make it easy to adopt a healthy puppy.
  • FREE 20 Day Viral Guarantee
  • 2 Year Genetic Guarantee Available
  • 12 Year Puppy Furever Guarantee Available
  • Online Training Videos
  • More options available on checkout.

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